Annoying XP Automatic Update Prompt

Windows XP’s automatic update facility is cool, but i hate when the update is installed and requires a reboot when you are in the middle of configuring something really important. The dialog box that pops every 10 minutes requesting you to “restart now” or “restart later” is really annoying.

Even if you click on restart later, it pops up after 10 minutes and if you are not besides your computer for 5 more minutes, it just restart your system automatically which will fuck up whatever you were doing.

You can turn off the Automatic Update which will stop the auto update totally, but thats not what i wanted. I want to update and install the necessary packs automatically, but i dont want to restart my laptop automatically. So, the solution for this is as follows:

1. Stop the Automatic Updates Service. (This will stop the pop ups temporarily). You can do the same from command prompt by typing : net stop wuauserv

After the service is stopped that annoying prompt stop as well and you can reboot at your ease. The service will restart when you reboot.

2. Modify Group Policy. (Permanant Solution) Go to start -> run -> type gpedit.msc to bring up the group policy editor. Then navigate to the folder:

Local Computer Policy
Computer Configuration
Administrative Templates
Windows Components
Windows Update

Now, there are 2 settings. Either enable “No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations” or set “Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations” to a long time interval, like 2000 minutes.