Load your FF Browser faster

If you think your firefox browser is taking a bit longer time than normal, its time for switching the browser to compatibility mode. This is how it’s done:

Right click on your firefox icon and select the properties tab, where it says Compatability, check “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows 2000″ from the drop down menu.

Firefox loads faster on my laptop (Windows XP) after doing this, if it doesn’t work for you, you can easily revert by unchecking “Run this program in compatiblity mode for”. It’s worth giving it a shot.

Boot Windows XP without Startup Programs

To start Windows XP without any startup programs, press the [Shift] key while the computer system
is booting. The key has to be pressed as soon as the Windows desktop background appears. This will prevent startup programs from being loaded automatically. It might take a few tries to get it to work.

Microsoft has disabled this feature on Vista though.

Genuine Windows Validation

You can disable Microsoft’s Anti piracy program update as follows:

  • In explorer, go to Tools > Folder Options. Then, go to View > Advanced Settings and uncheck “Use simple file sharing”. Hit OK. Now, let’s change the permissions for WgaLogon.
  • In the Address bar, type (without quotes) “%WinDir%\system32″ and hit enter.
  • Scroll down to WgaLogon.dll, right click on it, pick Properties. Go to Security.
  • Hit the Advanced button, uncheck the Inherit box at the bottom, hit the Copy button, then hit OK. Now we have a local copy of the ACL which we can modify.
  • Go through each listed user/group and remove the “Read & Execute” permission for that file, leaving the “Read” permission as-is.
  • Hit OK to apply the permission changes and close the file properties dialog. Restart the machine. You can now turn “Use simple file sharing” back on, if you want.

Simple stuffs eat up your time….

Sometimes, you get stuck up at things which seems to be really simple. I had to copy htaccess file to all the subfolders on a windows server. Windows doesn’t allow this with its default setup. This is when i digged my batch script to do this task:

@echo off & setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion

for /f “tokens=* delims= ” %%a in (folderlist.txt) do (
copy d:\path\to_file_that_has_to_be_copied_over\soj.htaccess %%a

folderlist.txt should have all the folder names where the file soj.htaccess should be copied over.