AWK – Extract single table from MySQL Backup

Just few notes for my own sake:

The usual way to backup MySQL DB and restore it is as follows:

Backup a Database ‘northwind’:
>>mysqldump -u root -p northwind > northwind.sql

Backup a Single Table customers from Database northwind:
>>mysqldump -u root -p northwind customers > northwind_customers.sql

Restore the table northwind_customers.sql to Database northwind:
>>mysql -u root -p northwind < northwind_customers.sql

In case you ONLY have just the full backup of datbase northwind.sql, and you have to restore a single table, then you can use awk to extract the single table from full backup and then restore the single extracted table to the database. This is how it’s done:

(Concept is: awk ‘/from_line/,/to_line/ {print}’ full_backup.sql > extracted_table.sql)

awk ‘/Table structure for table `emp_norway`/,/Table structure for table `emp_usa`/ {print}’ northwind.sql > northwind_customers.sql

This is how we extract a single table information from the full Database backup.

Now, you can restore the extracted table to the database
mysql -u root -p northwind < northwind_customers.sql

That’s it.


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